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Mountain View College

Welcome to the Mountain View College campus orientation tour. This tour will highlight each of the buildings on campus, giving you a brief description of the available services, programs, and facilities. Mountain View College opened in 1970 as the second of seven colleges of the Dallas County Community College District. Its service-area includes the southwest quadrant of the city of Dallas, and the cities of Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and Grand Prairie. The college’s main campus sits on 210 acres at 4849 West Illinois Avenue.

Map of Mountain View College Campus

Mountain View College Campus

S Building

As you enter the west side of the campus, the first building you’ll encounter is the S Building, also known as the Student Services Building. If you are a new student or you need help, this should be your first stop. On the upper level, you can get assistance with admissions, financial aid, tuition payment, academic advising, career services, or testing. General hours are Monday & Thursday 8am - 7pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 8am - 5pm. On the lower level of the S Building, you'll also find the Subway restaurant, bookstore, fitness center, disability services, Veteran’s Affairs Office, Health Center, the Lion’s Den, and the Office of Student Life.

West Campus/W Building

Behind the Student Services building is the West Campus, also known as the W Building. Here you’ll find the library, instructional services, language center, police department, and art gallery. The West Campus also houses the welding lab and machine shops.

H Building

Connected to the south side of the W Building is the H Building that houses the Science and Allied Health programs. Here you’ll find the science labs and the home of Mountain View’s nursing program.


Just outside the H Building is the greenhouse featuring the aquaponics lab. It contains a closed-loop water system, featuring a 550-gallon tank of water and about 100 goldfish that generate most of the nutrients necessary to grow food. The systems are growing several varieties of leaf lettuce, bok choy, swiss chard, spinach, collard greens, and snap peas.

East Campus/E Building

Across from the West Campus building is the East Campus or E Building. A tree-lined creek separates the campuses, which you can enjoy from patios adjoining both buildings. Two enclosed connecting bridges on the north and south ends of the buildings also connect the West and East Campus.

The East Campus, or the E Building, features Mountain View’s 425-seat performance hall, the band and choir rooms, a large gymnasium, and an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool with adjoining locker rooms.

B Building

Just south of the E building, you’ll find the B Building, the home of the Economic & Workforce Development Center. This center delivers and supports services that are responsive to the needs of businesses by providing workforce training and other outreach programs. Contract Training Services are available to help you assess your training strategies as they relate to your organizational goals and to provide you with the state-of-the-art education and training opportunities to reach those goals.

Student Services Tour

Mountain View College’s Student Services are located in the S building on the far west side of the campus. When you enter the front of the building on the upper level, you’ll be greeted at the Welcome Desk

To your right is the Career Services office. Advisors can help you review your strengths and explore the connection between your degree and career through career development. You can also get coaching in resume writing and job interviewing. Career Services also provides job placement assistance.

Next to the Career Services office are the Cashiers. Here, you can pay your tuition or get change if you need it.

Across from the Cashiers is the Admissions and Registration Office. They provide a number of services including: maintaining academic records, unofficial evaluation of transcripts, processing of admissions applications, transcript requests, verification of residency for tuition purposes, and verification of credit and non-credit enrollment.

Next to Admissions is the Financial Aid Office. Here, you’ll learn if you qualify, find the forms and information you need to apply for financial aid, and see how financial aid will impact your financial future.

Next to Financial Aid is the Academic Advising Center. All students entering college for the first time are required to meet with an advisor. If you are a returning student, it's important to build a relationship with an academic advisor. He or she can help you create a plan and find information that will help you achieve your academic goals.

On the upper level of the S Building, you’ll also find the testing center. The Testing Center provides assessments, including the TSI, THEA, and ESOL Compass, as well as instructional testing to new and current students. They also offer GED to the General Public.

Now, let’s take a tour around the lower level of the S Building. Here, you’ll find the Subway restaurant where you can grab a quick bite to eat.

The Lion’s Den is a great place to relax, outfitted with a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table, and a video game lounge. You can also get your photo identification card made here.

The Fitness Center features state-of-the-art exercise machines, treadmills, and a variety of free weights. Television monitors mounted throughout the facility will keep you entertained during your workout.

The Bookstore sells textbooks, apparel, accessories, supplies, and Mountain View branded grifts and collectibles.

Next to the elevators on the lower floor are the Veteran Affairs Office and Health Center. Veterans Services can help students who qualify apply for VA benefits. The Health Center, staffed by registered nurses, promotes health, wellness and provides first aid and preventive care for the Mountain View community.

West Campus Tour

Mountain View College’s West Campus is housed in the W Building. The main entrance to the complex is just behind the Student Services Building.

Straight ahead from the main entrance is the Treetop Lounge. Here you can study or relax in an open area with couches, tables and chairs that have a beautiful view overlooking the trees that line the creek between the West and East Campuses.

Just down the stairs from the lounge, you’ll find the Cliff Gallery. It serves as an art gallery for regional and national professional artists and functions as a dynamic educational resource for the students of Mountain View College. The gallery is dedicated to presenting innovative exhibitions and programs that reflect the scope and diversity of visual art.

As you travel to the north side of the West Campus from the main entrance, you’ll first find the Instructional Support Center. The Open Lab, also known as the Instructional computer lab, offers help with computer and academic software applications. Instructional Support also offers math, reading, and online tutoring. The center also offers a TSI Camp program to assist with preparation for taking the Texas Success Initiative Assessment, better known as the TSI Test.

Just north of the Instructional Support Center is the library. When you first enter, you’ll find the circulation desk where you can check in and return books. Around the corner to the left of the circulation desk, you’ll find the help desk, the open computer lab, the library technology room, reference books, individual and group study rooms and the media services department. Returning to the entrance of the library, straight ahead you’ll find the library’s main collection, which is divided alphabetically over two levels. The lower floor is also where you’ll find new books and magazines. To the right of the circulation desk is the Quiet Zone, which is filled with individual study carrels and power strips to charge your electronic devices.

Near the north entrance to the W Building, you'll find the Language Center. Here, ESL and ESOL students can use computer software to help increase their reading and writing skills. Spanish tutoring services are also offered.

Returning to the main entrance, just to the south you’ll find the campus police department. You can contact the campus police by calling 911 from a campus phone or 972-860-4290 from your cell phone.

Next to the police department is the welding lab. Welding is both a technical skill and a creative art with many different applications. The Welding Technology Program can help you train for immediate work or could spark a creative streak you might not know you have.

Next to the Welding Labs are the Machine Shops where you can get the training you’ll need to become proficient in machining with the Machine Shop Training program. You’ll learn step-by-step setup directions for turning-and-shaping operations. Training will also keep you up-to-date on the latest programmed learning techniques.

On the far South end of the W Building, you can use the enclosed bridge to cross over to the East Campus building.

East Campus Tour

The East Campus, or the E Building, features Mountain View’s 425-seat performance hall, the band and choir rooms, a large gymnasium, and an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool with adjoining locker rooms.

Once you enter the E Building, you’ll find the Performance Hall on one side on the lobby. The 425-seat performance hall features shows staged by the Mountain View College’s dance, music, and theatre departments.

On the opposite side of the lobby, you’ll find the gymnasium. The gym is home to Mountain Views men’s and women's basketball teams, and the college’s women’s volleyball team. You can also sign up for intramural sports or just shoot some hoops in your free time.

On the lower level of E Building, you can access the outdoor swimming pool. Featuring seven swimming lanes, the pool area also has both men’s and women’s locker rooms. Just bring your ID and towel for admission.

Science and Allied Health Tour

The Science and Allied Health programs are located in the H Building, connected to the south end of the W Building on the West side of campus. Here, you’ll find the science labs, including the biology, chemistry, anatomy and biochemistry labs. The H Building is also home to Mountain View’s nursing program.

Just outside the H Building is the greenhouse featuring the aquaponics lab. It contains a closed-loop water system, featuring a 550-gallon tank of water and about 100 goldfish that generate most of the nutrients necessary to grow food. The systems are growing several varieties of leaf lettuce, bok choy, swiss chard, spinach, collard greens, and snap peas.

An outdoor garden classroom just outside the H Building is used for general biology education.

Athletic Complex Tour

Mountain View Sports Complex features three soccer fields and a football field equipped with lights and natural grass.

If you enter from the South end of the complex, just to your right you’ll find the 5000- seat Stadium. It features a press box with state of the art amenities, including an ice machine, private restrooms, air conditioning and heating.

Want to grab a snack during the game? There is a fully furnished concession stand just outside the stadium that is also equipped with large restrooms.

On the north end of the athletic complex are the baseball and softball fields. The two fields are lighted and each has a seating capacity of 500. The fields also feature enclosed dugouts and have adjacent batting cages.

All fields are available for rental.