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Downtown Campus
801 Main Street
(A, B, and C Buildings)

The Downtown Campus is divided into three connected buildings—A, B, and C. Each stop on this tour will include the building’s letter designation and floor. A Building houses such services as admissions, financial aid, academic advising, career services, the health center, learning center and testing center. B Building is where you’ll find the bookstore, student center, art gallery, library, the office of student life and the Subway cafeteria. C Building is the home of the Food and Hospitality Institute, the performance hall and gymnasium.

Center for Allied Health and Nursing
301 N. Market Street
(Paramount or P Building)

On this tour, you’ll see some of the classrooms, laboratories and other venues that contain the most advanced equipment available to educate nurses and a wide range of other health care occupations essential for staffing hospitals, medical clinics and other health occupations to function. Each location on this tour is designated by the floor number in the building.

Center for Design
1201 Main Street
(10th & 11th Floors)

The Center for Design houses architecture, digital art, engineering, fashion design, fashion marketing and interior design classes. Each location on this tour is designated by the floor number in the building.

Wellness Center
800 Main Street
(15th Floor)

The El Centro Wellness Center is located in the Bank of America Parking Building, adjacent to the Downtown Campus. This facility is equipped with several workout spaces, a lap pool, indoor running track, full-service locker rooms, sauna, Jacuzzi, basketball court and various group activity rooms. Open enrollment is available to DCCCD students, faculty, and staff, as well as the general public. There are no initiation fees or contracts.

Dental Hygiene Program
1250 W. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 500

This is the location for the Dental Hygiene Program. The facility includes a work-practice setting that is an actual community clinic. Students have access to the most current technology, including digital radiographs (X-rays), intra-oral cameras and dental management software programs. The community clinic offers free teeth cleanings that not only offers a valuable service to the community but gives students immediate hands-on practice.
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